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Erich M. Fabricius, Attorney-at-Law

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Our bankruptcy practice is led by Erich Fabricius, who concentrates a large portion of his practice on bankruptcy matters. Erich began his career as a bankruptcy law clerk, gaining extensive exposure to bankruptcy law while working directly for a Bankruptcy Judge. He is a member of the North Carolina Bar Association Bankruptcy Section and of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Erich's Thoughts on Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be difficult. It's both emotionally difficult for people involved, and sometimes legally difficult when subtly complex issues arise. As a bankruptcy lawyer, I strive to help people with both difficulties. I empathize with the troubles people are facing, and always remember that its a new and uncertain process for someone contemplating bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is not for everyone, and is not the best way to solve every financial problem. I will always counsel those considering bankruptcy about their other options, and I won't a file a case if I don't believe it can achieve a positive result for the client. Nevertheless, bankruptcy is powerful and decisive tool, one which many people struggling with debt find represents a turning point in their life, when they get a fresh start and begin looking to the future instead of worrying about past debts.

I recognize there's a lot of choices out there when a person is considering filing for bankruptcy relief. One can download and fill out the forms themselves or order form preparation services online, providing cheaper upfront costs, but often a bad total value. Bankruptcy touches every aspect of your finances, and a mistake or omission can cost a debtor an asset or leave a debt collectable after bankruptcy. Having an attorney gives you confidence you are making legally sound decisions and receiving the maximum benefit to which you are entitled. Would you ever consider suing every one of your creditors in federal court without an attorney? At our office, you will meet with me at your initial consultation and throughout your case. I need to communicate directly with you to understand your circumstance, and I don't delegate that communication delegate to a paralegal. I don't pretend to be the most experienced attorney in the district. However, my clients will never doubt that I am concerned about the success of their case, and they can be confident that if their creditors aren't honoring their bankruptcy five or ten years down the road, I'll be there to go in front of the court and demand compliance.

Bankruptcy has a rich history in America. Having a national bankruptcy system was enshrined in the constitution by our founding fathers (U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4). Since Biblical times, periodic debt forgiveness was practiced (Deuteronomy 15). There has always been a need for a fair system for helping people who are unable to pay all of their debts get back on their feet and start their finances anew. Today, bankruptcy is well established in the United States. Each year, more than a million American seek bankruptcy relief.

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To learn more about Erich Fabricius, please visit his main attorney profile on our firm's website. You can contact him directly at emf [at] fabriciuslaw.com.