Bankruptcy Court Litigation

Bankruptcy Attorney Representing Parties in Adversary Proceedings

In the federal bankruptcy court, lawsuits between parties are termed adversary proceedings, and take on much of the character of traditional civil litigation. An adversary proceeding begins with the filing of complaint, served thereafter on a defendant or defendants together with a bankruptcy court summons. The summons will instruct the defendant to answer or risk the entry of a default judgment. Parties may attempt to resolve the proceeding by motions, such as motions to dismiss or for summary judgment, or the proceeding might go to trial before a Bankruptcy Judge.

All bankruptcy court adversary proceedings have some connection to a bankruptcy case, usually a bankruptcy case pending before that particular bankruptcy court. Often, each party is a trustee, debtor, creditor, or the bankruptcy administrator. Other times, a party will be brought into an adversary proceeding who has not previously been involved in the bankruptcy case, such a co-owner of property or a beneficiary of a pre-petition transfer.

Attorney Erich Fabricius is available to represent any sort of party in an adversary proceeding. In particular, he can offer efficient and affordable representation to parties brought into a bankruptcy case by an adversary proceeding, including advising defendants as to their options in responding or choosing not to respond to a bankruptcy complaint and bankruptcy court summons. Erich draws on his experience working for the bankruptcy court to provide insightful counsel regarding potential outcomes of bankruptcy court litigation.