Individuals as Creditors

Bankruptcy Attorney Protecting Rights of Individual Creditors

An individual can be on either side of a bankruptcy filing, and people personally owed money regularly become creditors in a bankruptcy case. Such creditors are often unfamiliar with the bankruptcy process, and stand a particular risk of failing to adequately protect their interests. Several distinct sorts of creditors exist under this broad description, defined by the nature or source of the relationship between the creditor and the debtor.

Consumers as Creditors

Occasionally, an individual will have a consumer relationship with a bankruptcy debtor. Examples would include people owed goods, services, or refunds by a business that has filed bankruptcy. We believe that consumers in this situation are in particular need of sound legal advice, and we offer to them free consultations, reduced rates, and unbundled limited-representation services. Each situation should be carefully evaluated to determine whether any avenues exist for the consumer to enhance the collectibility of his or her claim.

Personal Creditors

Frequently debtors and creditors will have a non-customer relationship, including friends, family, colleagues and business associates. Creditors in this situation are often unsure what, if anything, they should do to maximize their position. We offer affordable case evaluation as well as a number of flat-rate services for individual personal creditors.

Business Creditors

The most common kind of creditor is one engaged in business that extended credit, voluntarily or involuntarily, to a debtor now in bankruptcy. Small businesses can be particularly affected by the bankruptcy of a key customer or business partner. We are glad to assist local small businesspeople with filing proofs of claim and other important activities in a bankruptcy case. Please note that we do not represent financial institutions in consumer bankruptcy cases.