Map of Bankruptcy Rate by NC County

Bankruptcy filing rates vary considerably across the state. For example, in 2013, 7 times more people per capita filed bankruptcy in Vance County than in Mitchell County. I've plotted this data on a map, with green representing the lowest filing rate, red the highest filing rate, and yellow the state average filing rate. There are several different methodologies for calculating a filing rate, so the numbers themselves are most illustrative as comparison amongst counties, rather than as an absolute value.

Interactive Map

A few notes about this dataset:

  1. Filings for each of the 3 judicial districts of NC is included, but not out of state filings. Joint cases are counted as two persons, and corporate cases are excluded.
  2. County is assigned based on address as of filing. This does not accurately reflect the residency of persons with mailing addresses in a different county than in which they reside.
  3. Census population is not from 2013, so growth in county population can impact the calculation performed.
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