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Erich Fabricius practices bankruptcy law at Fabricius & Fabricius PLLC, and is available to handle both simple and complex bankruptcy matters for consumers and small businesses. Bankruptcy law is his primary practice area, and he takes pride in careful and attentive bankruptcy representation for each client.

What you find here are professional results and personal attention. The firm is not here to sell bankruptcy, but to provide you with assistance in making an informed decision on how to get the debt relief you need and deserve.

We don't use gimmicks to entice you and we don't pressure you to make a decision that doesn't have to be made quickly.

  1. No limited-time pricing to rush you
  2. No advertised specials that aren't available to everyone
  3. No hard-sells on our services

If bankruptcy isn't the right solution, we will tell you. If you could get better help elsewhere, we will tell you.

Want to find out if bankruptcy is the right solution for your debts?

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