Finding the Right Bankruptcy Lawyer

The bills are starting to pile up and the harassing phone calls are becoming too much to bear. Perhaps the situation has escalated. You are in danger of losing your home or car. Maybe you have a lien on your checking account, or worse, your wages are being garnished. Whatever the case, you have made the decision to consider bankruptcy and have decided to consult an attorney.

An internet search for a bankruptcy attorney will yield an unwieldy amount of information. So, what to do and who to hire?

Here are four easy suggestions to find the right bankruptcy attorney for you.

1. Consult the Blog

Before consulting with an attorney, consult with that attorney’s blog. In 2013, most attorneys maintain a legal blog.

A blog says something about an attorney.

It shows that he/she is willing to share information, opinion and thought freely and openly with the public. It also shows an openness that contributes to an attorney’s ability to connect on a personal level.

In addition, an updated blog shows an attorney’s commitment to staying current and informed on bankruptcy related issues. An informed attorney is a successful attorney.

2. The Free Consultation

After consulting with the blog, consult with the attorney. If a bankruptcy attorney is not offering a free consultation to review your case, find one who is.

Take full advantage of the consultation to get a feel for the attorney’s presentation and professionalism. Make sure you get a good feeling from the attorney you consult with before hiring him/her.

In fact, it is probably not a bad idea to consult with more than one attorney before making your hiring decision. Everyone is different and you should go with who makes you feel most comfortable.

3. Try to Disregard the Fee

While this is very difficult for people experiencing financial hardship, do not hire an attorney simply because they quoted you the lowest fee. Lower fees usually mean higher case volume. Higher case volume could indicate less personalized service and less attorney interaction on your case.

Remember, quantity does not equal quality.

It is my opinion that all bankruptcy cases are complicated and convoluted. The attorney should work on your case from beginning to end and have as much involvement as possible. Do not let the fee be the deciding factor in what attorney you hire.

4. Look for Comprehensive Representation

It is important that you find an attorney that will represent you holistically. By this, I mean the attorney you hire should take an interest in who you are and the struggles you are facing. Bankruptcy is an extremely difficult decision and your attorney should be compassionate and respectful of you and your needs.

In addition, the attorney/client relationship in bankruptcy is unique. Open and honest communication is very important for a successful case outcome. You need to connect on a personal level with your attorney in order to foster this communication.

So, you have come to the point where you realize you need help financially. Using these four simple suggestions, go out with confidence and find representation.

A qualified, compassionate attorney could change your outlook and transform your financial trouble into future financial hope.

The above is a guest blog post by Frank P. Pipitone. The author welcomes your comments and inquires. You are also welcome to contact the attorneys at Fabricius & Fabricius PLLC for assistance in North Carolina.
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Frank P. Pipitone is the managing attorney at Pipitone Law, a consumer defense law firm located in Garden City, New York. Frank is a firm believer in financial rehabilitation through the bankruptcy process.

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