Can I file bankruptcy online?

While internet technology has greatly changed the practice of bankruptcy, it is generally not possible to do a start-to-finish online bankruptcy filing. Among other reasons, a paper copy of the bankruptcy petition will be have to signed. While requirements may vary per-district, attorneys generally must retain a paper copy of the petition with original signatures even when electronically filing a bankruptcy. Individuals filing without assistance of an attorney must ordinarily file the bankruptcy petition and schedules with the court in paper format.

For individuals who desire to minimize their travel or have unusual schedules, we offer options for remote services. A number of forms can be sent to you electronically or completed online. In most situations, we can offer consultation services over video conference or telephone.

Normally, the bankruptcy debtor will have to appear in person for at least one meeting, and may have to attend multiple hearings. Additionally, it cannot be emphasized enough that while bankruptcy can be routine at times, it is never entirely predictable. Even simple bankruptcy cases involve dozens of parties and hundreds of factual items. Strange combinations of facts and unexpected reactions from parties can make a case become complicated quickly.

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