Where is my Raleigh meeting of creditors held?

Each bankruptcy case has a section 341 meeting of creditors, where the bankruptcy trustee inquires with the debtor about his or her bankruptcy petition. Attendance at this meeting is an essential part of completing the bankruptcy process.

Remember to bring a government issued picture id and an original document bearing your social security number. Failure to have these identifying documents can prevent the meeting from occurring, and can delay or otherwise impair your bankruptcy case.

Raleigh 341 Location

Starting in February 2012, creditors' meetings in Raleigh are held in the Century Station Post Office and Federal Building, home of the Bankruptcy Court in Raleigh, located at 300 Fayetteville Street Raleigh, NC 27601.

Creditors' meetings are held in suite 130, on the first floor of the building. If one enters the post office from Fayetteville Street, one will observe the postal counter immediately. Suite 130 is located to the left, around on the side of the building. There will be a security checkpoint.

There is public pay parking in several locations near the courthouse. Public transit is also an option to get to locations in downtown Raleigh.

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