Will I have to go to court?

Bankruptcy debtors are understandably anxious about going in front of a judge during their bankruptcy. However, court appearances should not be major worry for most debtors. Many uncomplicated or uncontroversial cases proceed along to discharge and close without having a hearing in front of a bankruptcy judge. When there are hearings, some are routine matters that can be handled by the debtor's attorney alone and at others nothing will be asked of the debtor who is present. Only a small percentage of debtors actual speak a word in front of a bankruptcy judge.

In any case, North Carolina has a fine set of level-headed bankruptcy judges, who treat debtors with respect. They appreciate that most debtors are good people who fell on hard times. However, it goes without saying that they are savvy judges of character and will quickly pick up on a dishonest debtor who is seeking to abuse the bankruptcy system. If you are honest to your attorney and honest to the judge, you should not worrying about court hearings.

All debtors will have to go to a meeting of creditors, which is not a court hearing in front of a judge. We have a separate answer explaining what that meeting entails.

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