Why Bankruptcy

Information about the powerful reasons why bankruptcy can help you with your debt problems.

Bankruptcy for Credit Card Debt Relief

Bankruptcy remains very effective at eliminating credit card debt. Ordinary credit cards are unsecured loans that are discharged by the bankruptcy discharge in chapter 7 or chapter 13. Bankruptcy is a true and effective way to get out from credit card debt.

Bankruptcy to Remove Unpaid Judgments

Unpaid judgments are problems that linger for years. A bankruptcy discharge voids most judgments, preventing a creditor from collecting on the judgment in the future. If you own real estate, a judgment lien may also exist, which is not automatically voided. In many cases, judgment liens can be removed or reduced in bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy to Save a Car or Workout an Auto Loan

Bankruptcy stops threats of repossession. The bankruptcy automatic stay halts collection activity, and the lender must obtain court permission to repossess a car after bankruptcy has been filed. In chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can pay off a car loan, even if you are behind on payments. Sometimes, chapter 13 provides improved financial terms for paying the car lender.

Bankruptcy for Medical Bill Relief

Medical bills pile up quickly when there is an unexpected illness. A bankruptcy discharge eliminates most medical debt. Medical debt does not get special treatment in bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy to Stop Debt Collectors

Filing bankruptcy stops collection activity on debts. The bankruptcy can stop phone calls, letters, threats, and lawsuits. If a creditor refuses to stop, you may be entitled to damages from it. The automatic stay created upon filing a bankruptcy petition halts all collection activity. Upon obtaining a bankruptcy discharge, creditors whose indebtedness was discharged are permanently enjoined by the court from attempting to collect the debt from you personally in the future.

Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure and Fix Mortgage Issues

Filing bankruptcy will halt foreclosure. Chapter 13 bankruptcy, provides powerful tools for resolving several common problems for mortgage borrowers. A chapter 13 plan can get you out of default and allow you to keep your home. Mortgage distress has long been among the leading reasons individuals file for bankruptcy. Many Americans have turned to bankruptcy to save their home.

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