Filing Bankruptcy with our Office

Questions particular to our firm considering our preferences, processes, office, and attorney.

Can someone else pay for my bankruptcy?

Generally yes. We routinely accept fees prior to filing a bankruptcy case that has been paid by a family member or other acquaintance. Payments can be made by mail or online.

I would note two limitation of importance:

How are chapter 13 attorney fees paid?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides debt relief that in many ways is more flexible and powerful than chapter 7. In addition to the elimination of old unsecured debts such as charge cards and medical bills, chapter 13 provides for ways to prevent foreclosure and repossession, as well as to pay certain debts like taxes over time. Despite the potential complexity, chapter 13 bankruptcy remains accessible as the chapter 13 plan can provide for the payment of attorneys fees over time.

Does your office accept emergency bankruptcy cases?

Our office does file emergency and urgent cases, subject to availability.

We consider an urgent case any case where the bankruptcy petition must be filed within 10 days to achieve the goals of the prospective filer. The classic case is the pending foreclosure sale, although other situations exist.

What should I bring to my initial consultation?

We have a short form pre-consultation form that requests certain background information for opening a file, as well as an overview of your finances to allow our attorney to prepare for the consultation. This form is available online.

In addition to the form, we recommend you bring, if possible:

Where is your office?

Our office is located in the second floor business center above the office of Dr. Sidney Libfraind, DMD, at 106 N. 1st Ave., Knightdale, NC. For more information, including directions and a photo, please see the Knightdale Office page on our main website.

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