What should I bring to my initial consultation?

We have a short form pre-consultation form that requests certain background information for opening a file, as well as an overview of your finances to allow our attorney to prepare for the consultation. This form is available online.

In addition to the form, we recommend you bring, if possible:

  1. A quick list of debts (rough amount and creditor). There is a space for this info on the consultation form linked above.
  2. If you have paystubs, bring those up to six months into the past. Otherwise, make an estimate of the income you and your spouse received in the last 6 months. Even in a bankruptcy for one spouse only, the income of both spouses is relevant for certain statutory means testing.
  3. Legal papers pertaining to any suits filed against you or your spouse.
  4. Value of any cars you or your spouse own. I recommend using www.NADA.com and printing its estimate if possible.
  5. Letters from creditors, particularly any threatening specific acts.
  6. If you or your spouse has a recent free credit report (https://www.annualcreditreport.com/) bring that along.
  7. Your social security card and drivers license

Specific information allows us to provide a specific assessment of your situation.

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